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Arab Engineers for water technology

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Arab Engineers Water Technology

Arab Engineers Water Technology has been established in Jordan and committed to provide water treatment systems for several purposes and wide range uses.    AEWT has been committed to clients with the knowledge that helps them to effectively manage and grow their business, developing and solving their water cases.

AEWT  has proved the high ability to solve all water treatment problems for all fields professionally. AEWT is owned by Eng.Taysir Al-Mestarihi.

Please feel free to contact our staff members of qualified engineers and well trained technicians with any questions, system troubles or inquiry. We are here to guarantee a clean water to you!


AEWT provides the demand by wide range of components for water treatment systems, Reverse Osmosis, Filtration and disinfection units. AEWT deals with the most reliable brands


AEWT has complete range of water treatment solutions and units that has been designed and sized by its qualified engineers by using the scientific knowledge mixed with experience.



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Reverse Osmosis, Packing material, Brine Tank and Accessories,Water cup filling machine, PVC Fittings

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Arab Engineers Water Technology

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