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AEWT provides Fleck Control Valves which is one of Pentair Family, this high performance valve cover a wide range of application. Whether the application is softening or filtration, residential or industrial, hot or cold water, Fleck has a proven record of performance and reliability


ِِِِAEWT provides SIATA valves and controllers with a full range of state-of-the-art solutions that simplify the process of designing, producing, operating and maintaining water treatment plants for filtration, softening or deionization. We offer a broad range of multiport composite valves with service flow rates up to 35 m³/h and a complementary line of advanced professional controllers and accessories.


Binrun control valve is mainly used for domestic water softener and water purifier and other water treatment equipment, functioned with automatic water softening, backwashing. Pretreatment system can also be applied to small-scale water treatment systems and commercial reverse osmosis equipment.


Technology, Reliability, Value - Autotrol valves cover a wide range of application, either softening or filtration for residential, commercial or industrial markets, making it a brand of choice amongst water treatment professionals around the world. For more about Autotrol Check the below Brochure