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Nitrate Filter

Nitrate Filter

We provide full range of nitrate removal water filters, this filter contains a special nitrate-selective resin that can be regenerated using sodium chloride brine.

This special softener contains a resin that is manufactured solely for the purpose of removing nitrates in the water.

As they are removed they are replaced (exchanged) with harmless chloride.



  • Nitrate-contaminated water is fed into the nitrate bed and flows through the special resin to get red off all tasteless, colourless, and odourless nitrate
  • As Nitrate is removed, it’s ion-exchanged with harmless chloride
  • Now, the effluent, nitrate-free, water is safe for your children
  • Operating time, filtration media and the speed of the water will be designed according to the degree of contamination


Consists of

  • Control Valve (Fleck- Pentair water)
  • Vessel (Structural- Pentair water)
  • Filtration Media -Resin(Ion-Exchange)
  • Distribution System


  • Digital/mechanical control valves
  • Unique technology controls; self-cleaning cycle
  • High capacity resin
  • Remove both natural and man-made sources of nitrates
  • Efficient and Easy to use
  • Warranty: one year against any manufacturing defects


  • Production of drinking water
  • Treatment of waste water
  • For healthy marine life in aquariums