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Arab Engineers Water Technology provides a full range of ion exchange water softener systems using cation exchange resins for a wide variety of water treatment applications.
All AEWT ion exchange systems include the latest resin technology using the highest quality resins supplied by well-known manufacturers.

Water Softening Process

Hard water enters the water softener system. As it passes through the resin inside the tank, the hard water minerals are attracted to the resin and the Calcium & Magnesium ions are exchanged by sodium ions so water is softened to service the home or the industry. 





  • Hard water which contains Calcium and Magnesium passes through the softener
  • The softener’s exchange resin will remove all calcium and magnesium ions and replace them with sodium
  • Now, The output water is soft and free of hardness-causing ions






Consists of

  • Control Valve (Fleck/ Siata - Pentair Water)
  • FRP Vessel (Structural- Pentair water)
  • Media (Strongly acidic cation - Ion exchange Company)
  • Distribution System
  • Brine tank


  • Digital/mechanical control valves.
  • Unique technology controls; self-cleaning cycle
  • High Quality Resin
  • Efficient and Easy to use
  • Gives perfect quality water to extend equipment life
  • Warranty: one year against any manufacturing defects
  • High performance FRP tanks
  • Single / Duplex and Triplex system are available


  • Production of drinking water
  • Treatment of waste water
  • Pre filtration for RO or deionizer systems
  • Filtration of grey or surface water
  • Cooling, boiler and reactor feed water
  • Cooling tower make-up water
  • High purity water
  • Large laundry and restaurant facilities