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Water treatment Stations / Plants

Water treatment Stations / Plants

Arab Engineers Water Technology offers a large selection of all types of reverse osmosis and water treatment systems to meet your industrial needs.

Water Treatment System Types:

         1. Water treatment Station Capacity: 15-50 m3/day

2. Customized Water treatment plant   Capacity: 1-100 m3/h

3. Mobile systems

-Skid mounted units with a capacity of 4-200 m3/day

-Containerized units with a capacity of 5-100 m3/h



Water treatment system types


 Water treatment Station (Capacity: 15-50 m3/day)


Arab Engineers Water technology introduces and provides a direct selling on-site water treatment stations for 5 Gallons and cup filling drinking water, that treats water from existing water resources and converts it into drinking water to meet standards for Jordanian water authority. The water source can be from any of the following: Groundwater, Surface water and Public supply system water.

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Customized Water treatment plant (Capacity: 1-100 m3/h )


Large scale desalination water treatment plants are commissioned to serve larger scales, Drinking water filling factories or industrial applications using raw water from the brackish water or well water. Our desalination systems apply reverse osmosis (RO) process to desalt water. Desired product water parameters can be set using control and monitoring equipment fitted in each plant.

Large scale plants are supplied with all pretreatment and post stages which include multimedia filtration, chemical dosing and the disinfection units.

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Mobile systems


    A. Skid mounted units with capacity of 4-200 m3/day

The system is assembled on a single skid, making it convenient for transportation and repositioning without difficulty of integrating components individually at site. Each unit is fixing using PVC interconnecting piping and can be operated immediately by connecting inlet-outlet pipes and power supply.


       *AEWT series - 45

Skid mounted water treatment station

Water treatment unit mainly concentrates on the following stages:






Water Treatment Unit Components

              1. Raw water pump: this pump provides the water treatment unit with the untreated water

                  that will be stored inside special tanks located near the unit 

              2. Easy press: is a digital device that used to maintain the system pressure in order to keep

                  the pressure at the required level.

              3. Automatic Sand Filter: used to remove the suspended solids from the water.

              4. Cartridge Filter 20" 5μ: used to remove impurities and dust greater than 5 μ from the

                   water, cartridges replaced periodically.

              5. Automatic carbon filter: used to remove color, odor, taste, organic materials,

                  and chlorine from the water.

              6. Cartridge Filter 20" 5μ: used to remove impurities and dust greater than 5 μ from the

                  water, cartridges replaced periodically.

              7. Duplex Water Softener: used to prevent the scaling & fouling of the RO membranes by

                   removing calcium and magnesium ions from the water.

              8. Cartridge Filter 20" 5μ: installed before the RO unit, used to remove impurities and dust

                  greater than 5 μ from the water, cartridges replaced periodically.


              9. Reverse Osmosis: RO considered as the major component, that used to desalinate

                   the water by decreasing about 98% of the inlet total dissolved solids

                     * RO Inlet Water Specifications

                Empty of impurities and suspended solids by using sand and cartridge filters.

                Empty of organics material and chlorine by using carbon filter

                Empty of scale deposits by using water softener


           10. Treated water storage tank: usually the capacity of the tank is about 2000 litter, it could

                  be made of plastic or stainless steel ( the tank will be supplied by others)

           11. Delivery pump: this pump transfer the treated water from the storage tank to

                 the Disinfection stage.

           12. Cartridge carbon filter 20" 5μ: used to remove the odor, color, and taste from the water

                  that may happen during the storage phase.

           13. Ultraviolet Unit: used to kill around 99% of the germs effectively

           14. Ozone Generator: turn the oxygen atoms into ozone, which used to kill the bacteria and

                  to maintain the purity of the water from any bacteria


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       B. Containerized units with capacity of 5-100 m3/h

The containerized units are heavy duty self-contained, turnkey systems, installed inside corrosion resistant metal containers of 20 ft (6m) and 40 ft (12m) sizes. Each containerized reverse osmosis system is engineered with high-quality components to handle all types of harsh conditions. The plants that installed inside containers can be easily moved without trouble. This is especially convenient for shipping/exporting to international destinations.





Our Water treatment Plant mainly consists of

  • Raw water pump
  • Pre-treatment stages
  • Reverse osmosis unit
  • Post treatment (DISINFECTION)

Pretreatment units

  • Sand filtration or Zeosorb filter
  • 5 micron cartridge filter
  • Granular activated carbon filter or Dechlorination
  • Softener or Antiscalant

Available options

  • Cup filling machine
  • Bottles filling line