Reverse Osmosis, Packing material, Brine Tank and Accessories,Water cup filling machine, PVC Fittings

Ozone Generator

Arab Engineers Water Technology

Polyglass pressure vessels

Georg Fischer instruments


Khalda Showroom

The head office is located in Khalda-Amman, Jordan.
It consists of the Showroom, General Administration, Sales, Marketing, R&D and Accounting departments.

Marka Factory

If you would like to visit us in our factory and huge stores to see the complete range of products and equipment under one roof, we are in Marka-Amman, Jordan. In our factory, we are manufacturing the steel epoxy coated pressure vessels, assembling all systems, and preparing all items for water treatment stations. Also, it includes the service and maintenance center.

Our factory consists of three floors, the total area is about 2500 m2.