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Arab Engineers Water Technology offers a wide range of technical and consultancy solutions for water treatment applications.

A staff of technical experts helps clients to achieve their goals and obtain the required results.

We always study each case separately to determine the optimal solutions for water treatment applications and submit the proposal with the client.




Arab Engineers Water Technology manufactures, tests and inspects steel epoxy coated pressure vessels, stainless steel tanks, aeration towers, and clarifiers. 
We have been in the industrial field since 2002, and our products have been distributed all around Jordan and neighbor countries.

We utilize sophisticated CAD software in order to draw and design the equipment before executing.
 In addition, using premium quality material and thickness in manufacturing the products that enable us to meet international standards.

Over the past years, we have accumulated extensive experience in fabricating vessels for custom designs. 
Assembling units on special stainless steel or epoxy coated skids is one of our main specializations; such as RO units and skid mounted water treatment stations.



Providing, Installing and Operating systems

Arab Engineers Water Technology Has designed, sold, manufactured and installed many water treatment systems all over the years. We have the ability to design and install all of the kinds and capacities of water treatment systems to meet your requirements.


Spare Parts & Equipment

Arab Engineers Water Technology committed to supply a wide range of quality approved and standard products.

With such extensive demand for water treatment systems, the needs for repair increased.

Under normal circumstances, it is too expensive to keep changing units that starts having an error or stops functioning in the water treatment system.

As an economic and efficient solution to the problem, AEWT offers spare parts to all of units and systems which enable delivering high-quality service, giving warranty and providing you with pure drinking water to the maximum limit.

Service after sale

Arab Engineers Water Technology provides manuals with all systems, once the system is installed. Even though, our technical staff is still available to answer any question that may encounter the customer.

Every system needs periodical maintenance which can be offered by Arab Engineers Water Technology who always follow up with installed systems and try to serve every client on time.

AEWT technicians have over 15 years’ experience, for that, they are qualified to determine the best solutions for any system under the supervision of AEWT General Manager

AEWT offer service contracts with spare parts. The details of these contracts are calculated based on customer requirements. These contracts provide you with a safe planning basis for several years.

AEWT team of professional technicians are capable of traveling outside country to any plant AEWT has installed or dealt with, to solve problems in any equipment and providing onsite support.